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Coach 595

1954 GM TDH4512

Our Coach 595 in the Round House

Coach 595 began it's life with the Miami Transit Company in Florida as coach 557 in November of 1954 as part of a 25 coach order of GM TDH4512 transit coaches. It's retirement date in Miami is unknown but most likely the late 1960's. It was purchased by the Luzerne County Transportation Authority in Wilkes-Barre, PA where it ran until 1975. It was renumbered from 557 to 595 while in Wilkes-Barre. It was leased to PAT, along with several other coaches, in 1975 due to PAT needing buses to handle the massive increase in ridership due to the energy crisis.

Click for larger view

Coach 595 while still in service for PAT in 1979. Grant Street just past the Blvd. of the Allies in Downtown (Click for larger view)

PAT had an agreement that if a certain dollar amount of work had to be put into the leased buses, ownership would pass to PAT. All of the Wilkes-Barre buses passed that dollar amount and ownership of the coaches reverted to PAT. The buses were painted in the current PAT MOD livery with 595 receiving a lime green and white livery along with the "Hilltop Looper" theme.

Around 1979, this coach was leased to the New Castle Area Transit Authority along with several other of PAT's 500 series New Look coaches. It ran in New Castle, still using the fleet number of 595, until 1983 when it was returned to PAT. The bus was acquired by AMCAP shortly after it's return.

The bus, unfortunately, had sat for a number of years during AMCAP's formative days and has received some water damage in the rear section. This does require some rewiring and parts replacement as well as some engine work.

With some help, coach 595 could be operational again in a short period of time. Current plans are to either restore 595 back to it's 1975 PAT acquired appearance (MOD livery wearing the Hilltop Looper theme) or as one of the many Independent Operators.


Manufacturer: General Motors

Year: 1954

Model: TDH4512

Serial: 673

Length: 35 foot

Width: 96 inches

Engine: Detroit Diesel 6-71

Seating: 45 passengers

Condition: Fair. It needs work but can be made operational with some time and work, especially in the electrical system.

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