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Coaches 1120 & 1129

1966 GM TDH4519

Our Coaches 1120 (back) & 1129 (front)

Coaches 1120 & 1129 are identical coaches from the same order 1966 order. These two coaches served the majority of their operating life operating out of the Ross Division.

The 1100 series were worked extremely hard while at PAT but they lasted into the mid 1980's. Around 1982, some of the 1100 series were sent out to be rebuilt and both of our coaches were among them. The rebuild allowed the 1100's to continue on in operation into the mid 1990's. 1120 & 1129 were last in service in 1995.

Clcik for larger view

Coach 1129 on a lay over on the 54C route in the original livery in the mid 1970's (Click for larger view)

The rebuilding process included a newly rebuilt engine, new body panels, new electrical setup and some minor appearance changes, primarily the rubber bumpers that replaced the original chrome bumpers. The coaches that were rebuilt had some problems which resulted in some transmission problems, electrical problems and a general lack of power.

Both of our coaches are in relatively decent shape and are operational but do need some work to make them road worthy again. Plans are to have 1120 remain in the rebuilt condition and 1129 taken back to the original 1966 appearance. Work has started on taking 1129 back to original with the newer rubber bumpers being replaced with the correct metal bumpers


Manufacturer: General Motors

Year: 1966 (Rebuilt 1986)

Model: TDH4519

Serial: 1459 & 1468

Length: 35 foot

Width: 96 inches

Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V-71

Seating: 45 passengers

Condition: Fair. They both need work but are operational. 1120 is in slightly better mechanical shape than 1129 while 1129 is in slightly better body shape.

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