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Mack Restoration Project

Our 1947 Mack bus has started its restoration process and you will be able to monitor the progress of the project here.

AMCAP would like to thank all that have contributed to making this project possible as well as Rosedale Technical Institute for agreeing to take on this project of preserving the past.

The initial stage of the restoration process will be to get the bus in good mechanical shape. We loaded up and delivered our Mack to Rosedale Tech on Saturday April 12, 2003 and now the process of evaluating the mechanical condition as well as the problems will commence.

Once the condition and problems are determined, work will begin on rebuilding the engine and other vital mechanical components.

The understucture of the Mack is in good shape as is the body which means that once the mechanical restoration is complete, the body and appearance restoration will go much smoother.

The pictures available to date go through the beginning of the mechanical restoration process. Additional images of the mechanical portion of the restoration will be posted when available.

Mack Project Links

Press Release

Photos taking the bus to Rosedale

Part 2 - Photo's of work being done

Roster detail for our Mack

Building Mack Buses

Builder Photos of PRCo #76

Rosedale Technical Institute

05/10/03 Update - Our Mack has been found to have 2 cracked heads on the engine but spares that fit may be available at Rosedale and it's being checked on.

06/02/03 Update - Replacement heads have been located and have been sent out for preperation. Locating gaskets is the next step. Work continues on locating any additional problems with the engine.

09/04/03 Update - During restoration, the starter was found to have some problems and needed rebuilt. Unfortunately we've run into a problem that many who restore older vehicles have, no parts are available for it.

The starter is from around 1954-1955 when the bus was converted over from a gasoline engine to a diesel engine.

AMCAP urgently needs to locate the following parts for this 1954-55 era starter:

Model:  1108874
24 volt
Dyer drive

Parts needed:

pin 1857826
fork 1864012
drive end housing 1885544

If anyone knows where we can locate these parts or perhaps another starter to obtain the parts from or even use, please us.

10/03/03 Update - Work has started on testing the air system to determine what may need replaced. More photos of the progress will be arriving soon and they'll be posted as soon as we receive them.

12/23/03 Update - Parts for the starter have been located and the starter has been rebuilt.

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This page updated on November 08, 2006

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