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Press Release Regarding 775 Restoration


AMCAP to Restore Historic Harmony Bus

PITTSBURGH, PA - The Antique Motor Coach Association of Pennsylvania (AMCAP) has announced the process of restoring its historic 1947 GM TDH3207 transit coach back into the original Harmony Short Line colors. This bus is the only motor coach left from the Harmony Short Line, which was considered one of the premier bus operations in the Pittsburgh area during the 1940's and 1950's.

The restoration of 775 requires both mechanical, electrical and cosmetic work. Much of the electrical work has been accomplished with mechanical work needed being minimal due to its unusually good condition. The highlight of this, and any bus restoration, is the paint job. 775 will shortly to be wearing the original Harmony livery it was delivered with and this will allow AMCAP to utilize the bus in numerous events to promote the museum as well as public transit in the Western Pennsylvania region.

AMCAP is working towards having 775 ready for its official debut in its new livery sometime in March of 2005. The restoration of this bus shows the commitment of AMCAP and its members to preserving bus transit history in the Pittsburgh area.

AMCAP's coach 775 had a long history of service in the Allegheny Valley area starting in 1947 when purchased new from General Motors by Harmony. 775 then became Community Transit 775 after Harmony went out of business in 1961 and continued to serve in the same area. Port Authority Transit then acquired 775 in 1964 and had it continue to serve the Allegheny Valley until its retirement in 1974. PAT then saved the bus as a historic artifact where it would see occasional special service. PAT sold the bus to AMCAP in the late 1980's and it became the focal point for the museum.

For more information on AMCAP including membership visit the Web site at www.amcap.org or email the group at or write to AMCAP, PO Box 572, Bridgeville, PA 15017-0572.

Donations to the restoration effort are accepted at:

775 Restoration
PO Box 572
Bridgeville, PA 15017-0572

The Antique Motor Coach Association Of Pennsylvania (AMCAP) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the preservation of Pennsylvania's transportation heritage.



Howard K. Stevens Jr.
President, The Antique Motor Coach Association of Pennsylvania
PO Box 572
Bridgeville, PA 15017-0572

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