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Route History for Port Authority Transit

Port Authority Transit has had many interesting routes over the years. Some have evolved over time, some are only a distant memory while some others many never heard of due to their obscurity and limited time of existence.

This section will take many years to complete and we're starting with the older routes that have long been discontinued. We will be adding the more well known and current routes after we document the more obscure and discontinued routes.

For those looking for the history of a particular route, please be patient as there are hundreds of routes we need to document and it takes some time to do the needed research. The recorded history already in place here will be updated as additional information is located.

Information for the various routes has come from PAT issued public schedules as well as many other sources including additional PAT documentation and individuals that have information on these routes. The information is as complete as we can make it with the information we have and any gaps will be filled in as new information becomes available.

Route History Articles Completed (Numerical)

Click here for the "by corridor" index

Routes listed in black are close to completion and will be posted after a final verification

4A 40th Street Bridge

4E North Park to Skating Rink

5D Valley Camp

5J Marlborough Drive

5N Indianola

5N New Kensington Bridge Shuttle

11C Perry Highway through 1966 only

13C Perry Highway Express through 1966 only

16B Emsworth to High Bridge

16C Bellevue - West View

16E Reedsdale

16F Charles Street

16G Charles Street

19A Bellevue - Avalon

19B Manchester - Evergreen

19C City View

20A Ben Avon Heights

24B McKees Rocks Bridge

25A Sewickley - Groveton

25C Coraopolis - Sharon Hill Manor

29A Thornburg

30A West End Shuttle

32G Carnegie - Craftmont

34B Mt. Washington to North Side

38A Airport Express

44A Shadycrest

44B Sunset

44C Duquesne Heights

44E Inglewood

44F Mt. Lebanon - Oakland

45A Heidelberg - Kane Hospital

46C Ruthfred Acres

46E East Brookline

49C Washington Road - Whitehall

49D Drake - South Park Road

49G Piney Forks Village - Library Loop

49H Gill Hall

50A Colonial Village - Wilson Newtown

50G Riverview Circle

51C Brentwood Villa

52 Allentown

54B Arlington - South Hills

54D Bon Air

54E P&LE Transfer

55P Duquesne - Irvin Works

59A Homeville

60N E. Pgh. - Turtle Creek

60W Liberty - Lincoln - Elizabeth Township

60V Evans Avenue (Planned but never ran)

64 East Pittsburgh - Wilkinsburg

65C Braddock - Wilkinsburg

65D Braddock - Forest Hills - Braddock Hills

65F Bessemer Terrace

65G Corey Ave.

65M Corey Avenue

65N Library Street

67 Braddock - Swissvale

67J McKeesport via Blvd of the Allies

69A Swisshelm Park

69B Atwood Street

69C Regent Square

79C Maplewood

84B Herron

89C Homewood North

96A Golden Triangle

BG Bellevue - Gass Road

PH Pleasant Hills

OA Oakland Arrow

Beechview Construction Shuttle


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