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84B Herron

The 84B Herron can be traced back to the Pittsburgh Railways Company to 04/25/38. The route was always a feeder route for the Polish Hill area of Bloomfield and connected the area to main routes on Liberty Avenue. Under PRCo, the route was originally the 107 Herron and then changed to route 81 Herron on 11/13/60 as part of the system-wide renumbering of the bus routes.

Garages assigned to the 84B:

Manchester Garage - 03/01/64 - 01/28/67
Homewood Garage - 01/29/67 - ??/??/68

Destination Signs:

Old Look / 1800 Series example

The route ran using destination signs similar to the examples above as well as window cards. We are checking to see if the reading showed on the split sign buses of the era.


Towards Liberty Avenue - Centre Avenue at Craig Street via Craig Street, Bigelow Blvd, Finland, Bethoven, Harding, Herron, Brereton, Liberty Avenue to Herron.

Towards Polish Hill - Liberty Avenue at Herron via Herron, Bigelow Blvd, Baum Blvd, Melwood, Centre Avenue to Craig Street.

Approximate one way trip time was 12 minutes.

Route Highlights:

  • Started: 03/01/64 (acquisition date of PRCo)

  • Ended: ??/??/68 (date uncertain).

  • The 84B ran Monday through Saturday with no Sunday or holiday service.

  • The 84B was discontinued about a year after its move to Homewood Garage. Between 03/31/68 and 06/29/69 based on the information we have available.

  • This was a feeder route but unlike many feeders, it did receive good ridership.

Schedules (Known PAT issued schedules are listed):

The 84B had 2 distinct schedule styles.

Manchester schedules were folder PM-19 and were a schedule card in white.

PM-19A - 01/10/65 - (One edition only)

Homewood schedules were folder PH-37 in the 60's era design in black and the 84B shared a folder with the 87 Ardmore and 88 Frankstown bus routes.

PH-37A - 01/29/67
PH-37B - ?
PH-37C - 01/02/68
PH-37D - ?

There were schedules issued prior to PM-19A and were copies of the former operator schedule.

Route Disposition:

The 84B was discontinued and the service picked up by creating a deviation on the existing 54C North Side - Oakland - South Side route.

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The route map for the 84B and timetable for the route.

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