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55P Duquesne - Irvin Works

The 55P Duquesne - Irvin Works route can be traced back to the Duquesne Motor Coach Lines (DMCL) operation. The route was started by DMCL in 1938 as a mill tripper service to the then, newly built steel mill. The route was initially rather profitable but began to lose money after 1950. The route came close to not becoming a part of PAT's system as the DMCL was very close to closing up operations entirely by the early 1960's but the PAT takeover, and the lure of at least getting some money for the operation, kept the operation going until 1964.

Garages assigned to the 55P:

McKeesport Garage - 04/15/64 - 11/22/69
West Mifflin Division - 11/23/69 - 11/20/82

Destination Signs:


GM split sign examples

Flxible split sign examples

GM full size sign example

AMG example

RTS example

The route ran using destination signs similar to the examples above as well as window cards. The 55P reading was also on the 1983 electronic signs but not used.


Routing towards Irvin Works - 2nd at 3rd via 3rd, Oliver, 2nd, Grant, South 5th, Crawford, Pennsylvania, Skyline Drive, Richland, 5th, Richland, Elizabeth Road, Curry Hollow Road, Dravosburg Road, Lebanon School Road, Private Access Road to Irvin Works.

Routing towards Duquesne - Irvin Works via Private Access Road to Lebanon School Road, Dravosburg Road, Curry Hollow Road, Elizabeth Road, Maple, Richland, 5th, Skyline Drive, Pennsylvania, Crawford, South 5th, Priscilla, South 4th, Grant, 2nd to 3rd.

Approximate one way trip time was 35 minutes.

Route Highlights:

  • Started: 04/15/64 (date of the Duquesne acquisition by PAT).

  • Ended: 11/22/82 due to low ridership levels.

  • The 55P ran Monday through Friday with one trip running on Saturday. No Sunday or holiday service.

  • The 55P ran in conjunction with the 55J McKeesport - Duquesne and the 50C Monongahela - McKeesport with transfers occurring in Dravosburg. The combined service for the 55P resulted in a rather confusing separation of the route as it acted as more of a route deviation rather than a separate route.

Schedules (Known PAT issued schedules are listed):

McKeesport schedules were assigned folder M-5 and were a plain white, multi panel fold out schedule initially and then became a 60's era, multi panel fold out schedule in black. The 55P shared a schedule with the 55H Homestead - Duquesne, 55J Duquesne - McKeesport, 55K Kennedy - Crawford, 55M Duquesne Place and the 55B/53F Annex - Duquesne via Kennedy.

M-9A - 02/07/65
M-9B - ?
M-9C - ?
M-9D - ?
M-9E - ?
M-9F - ?
M-9G - ?
M-9H - ?
M-9J - ?
M-9K - ?
M-9L - ?
M-9M - 09/02/69

West Mifflin schedules were assigned folder W-11 and were a 60's era, multi panel fold out schedule and later a MOD era style schedule in black. The 55P shared a schedule with the 55H Homestead - Duquesne, 55J Duquesne - McKeesport and the 55B/53F Annex - Duquesne via Kennedy.

W-11A - 11/23/69
W-11B - W-11U - ?
W-11V - 11/24/74
W-11W - W-11A - ?
W-11B - 09/05/76
W-11C - 02/20/77
W-11D - 04/17/77 - Reprinted without correction *
W-11E - 09/04/77
W-11F - 11/20/77
W-11G - ?
W-11H - ?
W-11J - ?
W-11K - 11/18/79 - Reprinted without correction *
W-11L - 02/15/81
W-11M - 04/19/81
W-11N - ?
W-11P - 08/30/81
W-11Q - 01/03/82

There were schedules issued prior to M-9A and were copies of the former operator schedule.

PAT schedule folders did repeat folder letters and letters I and O were not used.

Route Disposition:

The 55P was discontinued due to low ridership. No other routes picked up service on this route.

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The route map for the 55P will be added soon.

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