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51C Brentwood Villa

The 51C Brentwood Villa came into PAT's route structure from former Brentwood Motor Coach Company route 8 of the same name. Brentwood route 8 was created in 1930 as a feeder route to the streetcars on Brownsville Road. In May of 1934, Route 8-Brentwood Villa was extended into Downtown Pittsburgh. While the 51C designation is more commonly associated with the later 51C Carrick route, these two 51C designations were completely different routes with no relationship to each other.

Garages assigned to the 51C:

Brentwood Garage - 03/04/64 - 07/31/65

Destination Signs:

Route ran with window cards and destination signs.

We are still investigating the readings for the signs but the above are representative of what you would have seen for the route on split sign buses.


Inbound routing - Willett Road at Biro Drive via Biro Drive, Cynthia Drive, Gary Drive, Schuette Road, Willett Road, Churchview Avenue Extension, Sankey Road, Brownsville Road, Madeline Street, Becks Run Road, East Carson Street, 10th Street Bridge, 2ns Avenue, Ross Street, Fifth Avenue, Liberty Avenue, Stanwix Street to Blvd of the Allies.

Outbound routing - From Stanwix Street at Blvd of the Allies via Blvd of the Allies, 2nd Avenue, 10th Street Bridge, East Carson Street, Becks Run Road, Madeline Street, Brownsville Road, Sankey Road, Churchview Avenue Extension, Willett Road to Biro Drive.

A one way trip on the regular routing took approximately 35 minutes.

Route Highlights:

  • Started 03/04/64 (PAT acquisition date of Brentwood - Actual route redesignation from the Brentwood route to PAT 51C is not currently known).

  • Ended 07/31/65 due consolidation of duplicate routes.

Schedules (Known PAT issued schedules are listed):

The schedules issued from Brentwood were folder B-6. The 51C shared a folder with the 51B, Spencer Avenue, 51D Churchview, 54A Arlington Heights. The schedules were of the later 60's era design and a 6 panel fold out.

B-6A - 01/31/65
B-6B - ?
B-6C - ?
B-6D - ?
B-6E - ?
B-6F - ?
B-6G - ?
B-6H - ?

There may have been schedules issued prior to B-6A as very early schedules were issued without folder numbers and were frequently reprints of the former operator's schedule.

Route Disposition:

The 51C was discontinued on 07/31/65 due to duplication of services with other routes. Portions of the 51C Brentwood Villas were split as follows: Madeline Street - Brownsville Road to 51D Churchview, which already served that portion and the section from Sankey Road to Biro Drive was served by extending the 51B Spencer Avenue.

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Map to be added soon.

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This page was updated on November 08, 2006

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