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49G Piney Forks Village - Library Loop

Route 49G developed as a feeder route to serve the 35 Shannon - Library trolley line as well as serving South Hills Village shopping mall on certain trips. Created in 1975, this was an example of a route PAT placed in at residents request due to the 70's energy crisis and was instituted on a trial basis to see if ridership would warrant continued operation. Although the routing on paper seems typical of a small feeder route, it was a rather long route and passed through multiple fare zones which was a primary reason behind the route not attracting many riders.

Garages assigned to the 49G:

Collier Division 9/15/75 - 4/18/76

Destination Signs:

49g_wc.png (2374 bytes)

This route ran strictly with window cards. Interestingly the 1400 and 2800 series signs for the RTS coaches from 1980 did show this route even though it was a discontinued route at that point..


AM Routing - From St. Joan of Arc Church parking lot via Library Road, Brownsville Road, McCorkle Road, Ridge Road, Piney Forks Village (Amy Drive), Piney Forks Road, Brownsville Road Extension, Sebolt Road, Brownsville Road to St. Joan of Arc Church parking lot.

Extended AM Routing - Via regular AM routing to St. Joan of Arc Church parking lot and continuing on Library Road, Clifton Road, Irishtown Road, Logan Road, Bethel Church Road, Fort Couch Road to Horne's side entrance.

PM Routing - From St. Joan of Arc Church parking lot via Library Road, Brownsville Road, Sebolt Road, and via reverse of above routing to St. Joan of Arc Church parking lot.

There was a closed door restriction on a portion of the extended routing on Library Road between Brownsville Road and Clifton Road due to 88 Transit having rights on that portion of Library Road.

Approximate one way trip time: 24 minutes regular routing and 39 minutes for the extended routing.


35 Shannon - Library @ Library Loop
41C Cedar Blvd @ South Hills Village

Schedules (Known PAT issued schedules are listed):

The schedules issued for the 49G did not carry folder numbers. There was only one card stock type schedule issued as well as an identical copy of this schedule that included a route map that PAT also issued at the same time on regular sized paper.

Route Highlights:

  • Started 9/15/75 as a trial service

  • Ended 4/18/76 due to not generating sufficient ridership

  • The 49G was routed through 3 fare zones (zones 2 through 4 under the original zone boundaries)

  • 5 regular AM & PM trips Monday through Friday with 2 additional extended AM & PM trips. The route also had one additional AM trip that ran the PM routing and one additional PM trip that ran the AM routing between Library Loop and South Hills Village.

  • No standard time tables or folder numbers were issued besides the initial service announcement and the elimination announcement.

Route Disposition:

Route was eliminated due to low ridership. Service was not picked up by any other route.

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The route map for the 49G, the first and only schedule and the new service announcement card.

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