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32G Carnegie - Craftmont

This route is perhaps the most obscure route in PAT history with many people being unaware that the route even existed even though it lasted longer than some of the other early PAT routes. Not much is known about the 32G but we have been able to trace it back to the former Pittsburgh Railways Company through bus route R-Carnegie. Prior to PRCo renumbering the route to R Carnegie on 11/13/60, the route can be traced back to the 21 Carnegie through bus route which was created on 01/25/32.

Garages assigned to the 32G:

Manchester Garage - 03/01/64 - ??/??/65

Destination Signs:

Unknown. Window cards most likely and existing signs if a PRCo bus was assigned to the route by PAT. No PAT destination signs were known to have the 32G reading.


PRCo routing (PAT had the same terminus points so it is assumed the route remained unchanged given its existence under PAT - Downtown to Carnegie via Ft. Pitt Bridge, West Carson Street, Main Street, West End, Noblestown Road, Crafton Blvd., Oakwood Street, Craftmont Avenue, Durbin Street, Noblestown Road, Main Street, Washington Avenue, Franklin Avenue, Charles Street, Knox Avenue to Washington Avenue.

Route Highlights:

  • Started: 03/01/64 (PAT's acquisition of PRCo - actual redesignation to 32G is not currently known).

  • Ended: ??/??/65 (Based on transfers from April of 1965).

  • The 32G ran only Monday through Friday during peak periods only assuming PAT ran the route the same way PRCo ran it. Based on PRCo practices for rush hour only routes, this route most likely only had 1 to 4 trips inbound and outbound a day. Based on the lack of information regarding the route under both PRCo and PAT, it may have had just 1 or 2 round trips daily.

  • This was a premium fare or what was known as a "through route".

  • Very little is known about the 32G under PAT. It was running at least through August 30, 1964 as it is mentioned in the new fare plan announcement from that time. Until recent discoveries in the 1964 fare plan announcement that linked the route back to PRCo and listed it as an active route as of 8/30/64, no one was sure if the route ever ran or was a planned but never implemented route.

  • Another recent discovery has placed the route in existence as of April 5, 1965 although the printing of transfers is done a month or so in advance but it appears the route lasted into at least the first quarter of 1965.

  • Although we can seemingly place the route as lasting until early 1965, questions still arise as to if it truly did last that long based on the extreme lack of documentation and obscurity of the route. If the route lasted past April of 1965, there would have been much more documentation on the route such as schedules.

Schedules (Known PAT issued schedules are listed):

It is not known if schedules were issued besides possible reprints of PRCo schedules. In the PAT folder structure, folder PM-22 was assigned to the 32G but records indicate that it wasn't used nor could we find evidence of it being combined into another folder even though evidence suggests the route ran into 1965.

There may have been schedule cards issued without folder numbers.

Route Disposition:

The 32G was discontinued. Craftmont service was picked up by route 31A Crafton - Carnegie in 1966. Discussion has mentioned the possibility of the 32G designation being on the 1965 transfers as a method to distinguish a school tripper route that may have served the area until the 31A had a deviation added to serve the Craftmont area but nothing in our records can currently substantiate this possibility.

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The route map for the 32G will be added after it is drawn.

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