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11C / 13C Perry Highway

Note: This 11C/13C history details the very early years of the 11C/13C route from 03/24/64 though 05/01/66 only.

The original incarnation of the 11C/13C Perry Highway could be traced back to Horrell Transportation Company. The route came into the Horrell family of routes from the Harmony Short Lines abandonment of service in 1961 when Horrell applied for and received rights to a portion of the former Harmony routes from Pittsburgh to New Castle started in 1936 and the McKnight Road line in 1954. These routes were combined by Horrell to form what became the 1964 incarnation of the 11C/13C.

Due to the complexity of what occurred during the first few years of operation of the 11C/13C under PAT, with frequent route redesignations as well as different routings under the same route names due to the elimination of the 10 West View trolley line, we are treating this route separate from the later 11C/13C redesignation as this period of time can be rather confusing due to the redesignations and the other routes involved.

Garages assigned to the 11C / 13C:

Horrell Garage - 03/24/64 - 01/09/65
Manchester Garage - 01/10/65 - 04/30/66

Destination Signs:

Just a sampling of the many variations that occurred on the 11C / 13C route between 1964 and 1966.

Many of these readings also had an associated window card.

Split signs were similar to the examples shown above.

The 11C / 13C  also had window cards which were used.


See maps below. Due to the number of changes and routings, it was considered easier to just show all the maps than try to record each street.

Route Highlights:

  • Started: 03/24/64 (Date of Horrell acquisition).

  • Ended: 04/30/66 when the 11C and 13C were redesignated back to original configuration.

  • The 11C/13C went through a couple of confusing redesignations with the same name and route number.

  • 08/01/65 - 11C Perry Highway was redesignated and all 11C trips were changed to 13C Perry Highway Express. A new 11C Perry Highway to West View was instituted under a different routing via Center Avenue between the former Ross Township Municipal Building and West View Park and then via Highland, Cornell, Center to Princeton where the route ended.

  • 09/05/65 - The 11C inbound trips were rerouted out Center Avenue at the request of West View Borough while the outbound remained as it was on 08/01/65. The 11C and 13C at this point became 2 totally separate routes with the 11C becoming linked to the 16C Bellevue - West View and the 13C becoming a stand-alone route.

  • 09/05/65 - Most 11C trips were through routed with the 16C Bellevue - West View with the switch over point being the corner of Cornell and Center Avenue at Fordham Avenue. This practice was a holdover from the trolley operations when the 10 and 15 trolley routes were through routed. Route maps show the through routing as there was no connection between Center and Cornell at Fordham where the 11C technically would have turned. (see map 4)

  • 09/05/65 - Gass Road rush hour service was instituted on the 11C, these trips were not through routed with the 16C.

  • 05/01/66 - 13C Perry Highway Express was redesignated with all trips becoming 11C Perry Highway. Only extended trips past Rochester Road to Franklin Park, Ohio Township via McKnight Road retained the 13C Perry Highway Express designation. The 11C Perry Highway to West View became the 11F West View and the new 11C Perry Highway returned to the original 11C routing. The 11C and 13C once again became linked together with the 13C being the express/extended service for the regular 11C route. The Gass Road service became part of the new 11F route.

  • These route redesignations occurred due to the pending elimination of the East Street trolley lines. Many people believe the 11F West View was the bus replacement for the 10 West View trolley line but the 11F actually replaced the 11C which was what replaced the 10 trolley.

  • The 13C portion of this story also had some changes during this time besides the route redesignations:

  • 08/01/65 - A restructured Longvue Acres routing which eliminated a portion of the Cumberland Road service. (see map 2)

  • 02/27/66 - Three alternate routings were introduced to the 13C from Longvue Acres to Northway Mall, from Franklin Park to Ohio Township and from Perry Highway to Pittsburgh. (see map 3)

Schedules (Known PAT issued schedules are listed):

The 11C/13C between 1964 and 1966 had 3 distinct schedule types.

Horrell schedules were folder H-3 and were plain white 2 panel fold out schedules.

H-3A - ?
H-3B - 08/30/64 - corrected to 09/21/64

Manchester schedules were folder PM-13 and were a plain white with black ink and combined both the 11C and 13C. On 08/01/65 the schedule became the 13C schedule with red ink and the only mention of the 11C was that the route was redesignated and Center Avenue trips (which were not listed) were the 11C.

On 09/05/65 the 11C was moved to folder PM-23 and shared a folder with the 11D Perrysville and the 16C Bellevue - West View. PM-23 was a 60's era style schedule in red.

PM-13A - ? - 11C/13C
PM-13B - 01/10/65 - 11C/13C
PM-13C - 08/01/65 - 13C only (red ink)
PM-13D - 09/05/65 - Reprinted without correction * - 13C only
PM-13E - 02/27/66 - Reprinted without correction * - 13C only
PM-13F - 05/01/66 - Corrected to 11/14/66 - 11C/13C final redesignation

PM-23A - 09/05/65 - Corrected to 09/20/65 11C
PM-23B - ? - 11C
PM-23C - 02/27/66 - 11C
PM-23D - 05/01/66 - 11F

There appears to be a gap in the 11C portion of the schedule from 08/01/65 through 09/05/65. It is assumed that possibly an unclassified schedule card was issued during this period as no folder was assigned to the 11C during this gap.

There is also a known schedule issued prior to H-3A which was a marked up copy of a Horrell Schedule to change the Horrell name over to the Port Authority Transit name and was effective 03/24/64.

Route Disposition:

The 11C route was redesignated as the 11F West View route on 05/01/66. The 13C Perry Highway Express was redesignated into a new 11C Perry Highway route with extended trips retaining the 13C Perry Highway Express designation on 05/01/66. The 11C schedule moved back to folder PM-13 with the 13C at this point as well.

The further history of the 11C/13C Perry Highway as well as the history of the 11F West View and the 16C Bellevue - West View will be added at a later date.

Click on images for larger view

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Map 1 (1964 routing), map 2 (08/01/65 routing), map 3 (1966 routing) and map 4 showing the interaction with the 16C route.

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