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McCoy Brothers - William Penn Motor Coach

Acquired by PAT on March 31, 1964

McCoy Brothers and William Penn Motor Coach shared common ownership, although remained separate entities, at the time of PAT acquisition so we are presenting both histories as one.

Bus service between Renton and Turtle Creek came under the auspices of Byrum McCoy in 1921. His brother Meade became a partner in 1927 and the name of the bus line became McCoy Brothers. Routes were added to serve Renton, Unity, North Bessemer. Oakmont and Verona; Pitcairn-Monroeville and East Pittsburgh-North Versailles. The latter two were soon discontinued; service on the Verona route was greatly reduced due to lack of ridership.

The most successful route began in 1930 from East Pittsburgh to Churchill borough. It was extended into Wilkinsburg six years later, and into Pittsburgh via Oakland in 1950. Additional service was provided in the growing Monroeville area in 1955, including the Monroeville Mall.

The final roster showed two routes and 14 buses including GMs, Fitzjohns and Beavers.

Another newcomer to the transit area was Wilmer Cline, who formed William Penn Motor Coach in 1952 to connect Delmont, Monroeville and Pittsburgh via Route 22 and/or the back roads in and around Murrysville. He sold the operation to B. H. McCoy in 1954 and although there was some swapping of equipment, the two firms remained legally separate.

At the end, service over the lone route was provided by three ex-McCoy GMs.

Acquired Equipment (with PAT number if re-numbered)
McCoy Number Make Model Year PAT Number
27 Beaver B-35-PT 1945 -
28-29 Beaver B-35-PT 1946 -
30-31 Beaver B-35-PT 1947 -
38 Beaver B-35-PT 1951 690
39-42 GM TDH3612 1953 717-720
43 GM TDM3612 1952 721
47 FitzJohn FTG 1952 650
60 FitzJohn FTG 1952 649
62 GM PG2904 1946 -
Wm Penn Number Make Model Year PAT Number
44-45 GM TDH3714 1954 758-759
46 GM TDH4512 1955 400

Note: Wm Penn buses 44, 45 and 46 were ex-McCoy 44, 45 and 46

Routes (shown with PAT numbers)
67E East Pittsburgh - Wilkinsburg - Pittsburgh
65A East Pittsburgh - Monroeville
68A Monroeville Express

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