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Pittsburgh Area Transit History Index

The Port Authority of Allegheny County has been providing public transit service to the Pittsburgh and Allegheny County area since 1964.  Prior to PAT's inception, service was provided by 33 independent carriers (includes 2 inclined plane companies). The simple fact that there were so many private companies operating service, along with the interaction between the companies, made the Pittsburgh area one of the most unique places in the world for the transit fan.

Below you will find links to brief histories of these independent companies. Much of the independent histories were compiled by Oliver W. Miller and Raymond L. Foley for a Motor Coach Age series of articles dealing with Pittsburgh transit in the early 70's. The histories here pull from those articles along with additional sources of information.

  Company Acquired by PAT Acquisition Date
1 Pittsburgh Railways Co. 3/1/64
2 Community Transit Service (both divisions) 3/2/64
3 Penn Transit 3/2/64
4 New Kensington City Lines 3/2/64
5 Shafer Coach Lines 3/3/64
6 Roger's Transit 3/3/64
7 Brentwood Motor Coach 3/4/64
8 DeBolt Lines, Inc. 3/6/64
9 Poskin Bus Lines 3/6/64
10 Ridge Lines 3/9/64
11 Bigi Bus Company 3/11/64
12 Trafford Coach Lines 3/12/64
13 Oriole Motor Coach Lines 3/12/64
14 Burrelli Transit Service (Westinghouse Valley Trailways) 3/16/64
15 Bacco Coach Lines 3/16/64
16-17 McKeesport Transit Company and Wall Bus Line 3/19/64
18 Horrell Transportation Company 3/24/64
19 Ohio River Motor Coach 3/25/64
20 Austin Motor Coach 3/25/64
21-22 McCoy Brothers and Wm. Penn Motor Coach 3/31/64
23 Culmerville, Russellton & Cheswick Transit Company 3/31/64
24 J. M. Ferguson Bus Co. 3/31/64
25 Duquesne Motor Coach Lines 4/15/64
26 Monongahela Inclined Plane Company 5/15/64
27 Dawson Motor Coach 5/20/64
28 Deere Brothers 5/28/64
29-30 Noble J. Dick Lines and the Mon Valley Bus Company 6/26/64
31 Bamford Motor Coach Lines 7/10/64
32 Duquesne Incline 1/27/65
33 Carnegie Coach Lines 1/31/65

Acquisitions 16-17, 21-22 and 29-30 were each commonly owned but considered separate operations as they operated more or less independent of each other and had separate PaPUC certificates for the rights to the routes they ran.

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