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Burrelli Transit Service

Acquired by PAT on March 16, 1964

Leonardo Burrelli started service in 1927 with two jitneys operating between East Pittsburgh and North Braddock. A second route was started in 1930 to connect Braddock and Chalfant via Forest Hills. A third route was started in 1942 to serve Braddock and Crescent Hills in Penn Township. Although started as a "temporary" route, the line, and an extension to Churchill Cemetery, became permanent in 1946. Part of the line was restricted because it duplicated a Deere Brothers route. Miller bus Lines went bankrupt in 1949, and Burrelli acquired those rights, adding Braddock-Forest Hills, Braddock-Wilkinsburg and the "Maplewood" local service.

Burrelli incorporated in 1956 as Westinghouse Valley Trailways. Although this company had the Trailways name, it was completely unrelated to the National Trailways Bus System.

Equipment (with PAT number if acquired)
Burrelli Number Make Model Year PAT Number
55 GM TDH3610 1947 -
65 GM TDH3610 1947 873
70 FitzJohn 510H 1947 -
75 Fitzjohn 310 1949 -
80 FitzJohn 310 1950 -
85 FitzJohn 310 1950 -
90 FitzJohn FTG 1950 -
95 GM TDH3610 1947 872
100 FitzJohn FTG 1953 651
105 GM TDH4512 1953 363
110 GM TDH3714 1954 766
115 GM TDH4512 1955 496
120 GM TDH4512 1956 364

Note: Burrelli numbered its coaches in multiples of 5

Routes (shown with PAT numbers)
65F East Pittsburgh - North Braddock
65B East Pittsburgh - Crescent Hills
65J Braddock - Forest Hills - Braddock Hills
65C Braddock - Wilkinsburg
79C Wilkinsburg - Maplewood

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