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Austin Motor Coach

Acquired by PAT on March 25, 1964

Austin was one of the East Pittsburgh lines that existed primarily to serve the needs of Westinghouse workers and their families. It began operation under Theodore Niehl on August 12, 1919 as rush-hour only service between East Pittsburgh and Linhart and an extension to Universal where it served a cement plant.

The line was operated by relatives after Theodore Niehl's death in 1926. The company was reorganized and named the Niehl Transportation Company and operated under this name from 1926 through 1938. No change in service is believed to have occurred from the company reorganization.

McKeesport Transit Company purchased the company, three buses and the charter rights owned by the Niehl Transportation Company in 1938. The line was then merged into the McKeesport Transit structure. The route was not an overly profitable run and McKeesport placed the line up for sale.

On April 1, 1951, George and Glenn Austin purchased the rights to the route, along with 3 ex-McKeesport Transit Ford Transit coaches. The company formed by the Austin's was the Austin Motor Coach Company and they ran the route with hourly service with additional trips at shift changes at the Universal Cement Plant.

The purchase of the line from McKeesport Transit seems to have included the original charter rights as well and Austin had two well worn parlor coaches at the end. School buses were also in the line up but currently we are unable to verify if Austin held school contracts. The school buses were periodically used for regular transit service.

Much of Austin's equipment was used with only 2 new vehicles ever purchased. The first was a 1951 GM TGH3101 and the second was an International school bus purchased in 1961. The numbering scheme Austin used made little sense with the original buses numbered 1,3 and 5 followed by 138.

Austin's equipment was in rather poor shape and only 3 buses were acquired by PAT. The buses that were acquired didn't last much past 1965.

Equipment (with PAT number if acquired)
Austin Number Make Model Year PAT Number
6 Beaver B-35-PT 1947 -
9 International School Bus ? 19
10 International School Bus ? -
11 International School Bus 1961 20
12 Yellow PDG-4101 1940 -
22 Flxible 37B1-48 1948 -
79 Beaver B-35-PT 1947 -
138 GM TGH3101 1951 138

Routes (shown with PAT numbers)
65H Linhart - East Pittsburgh

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